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ወሳኝ ወታደራዊ ምክር ለዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ (Temesgen Desalegn: )


  1. After 2005 until his last year alive Meles Zenawi focused too much of his energy in dismantling KINIJIT, he forgot that EPRDF itself had too many vicious enemy of the state, while Meles concentrated heavily on Kinijit-AKA Amara the WolaitaKonso Hailemariam did came up with the irreversible displacement strategically. Hailemariam ignited the displacements and passed the torch to Abiy, Abiy is unable to put out the fire on the displacements torch ,right now the torch is burning heavily infact.

    Gura Farada , Beniehangul , Oromia , Oromo’s out of Addis Ababa sending them to desert in Afar…,basically Hailemariam did start the displacements of people in big numbers as if it is the right thing to do.During Hailemariam time numerous Farmers got displaced, farms were abandoned, right away Hailemariam went on begging United Nations for food aid famine starvation all that because Hailemariam’s displacements were inhumane and still are not judged by the officials in public.

    If Meles focused a little bit more on the then his own deputy PM Hailemariam and less focus on Gonbot7/Birtukan/ Eskinder/Lidetu Ayalew / Hailu…(KINIJIT) Meles would have had more chance of surviving and making the country better, but Meles’s khat addiction and severe hatred towards Amhara along with his untreated (ADHD) disorder made Meles focus extremely on Amara AKA Kinijit, that let Hailemariam easily take the PM position.
    Hailemariam Desalegn right away when he became Prime Minister displaced thousands of Oromos from Addis Ababa to Afar, as soon as he first became Prime Minister.

    Displacement is Hailemariam’s own signature trade, he single handedly ignited the displacements that we see happening until today . All the other people who were involved in displacing people are just fanning the flame Hailemariam ignited.

    Please click below to find out the trauma that led to why no Oromo wants to miss condo in Addis Ababa. Right now no Oromo is willing to get caught out on the streets of Addis Ababa because of what Hailemariam did. There needs to be a body that consoles and registers the story of those victims of Hailemariam that got displaced by Hailemariam regime, how he quickly unexpectedly displaced many in his short period of his reign as a PM needs to be documented. Not to put salt on the wound of the victims but just so Ethiopian people know evicting displacing is wrong Hailemariam needs to be called upon behalf of the victims.

    If we keep saying Hailemariam is forgiven people think they can displace and get forgiven too. The victims need to have a say otherwise the displacing trend torch is about to displace all Ethiopians out of this planet.



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