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የችሎት ስሞታዎች (ተመስገን ደሳለኝ)


  1. PM Abiy and his team should practice fairness and equal justice for all.Some are being targeted wrongly while others are left to break laws. The hate speech that is being directed against me personally and my tribe should be stopped right now. Just because Nazrawi Abera is in jail in China, it doesn’t mean either she nor me are involved in any drug smuggling operation. We are innocent until proven guilty. Even if I was involved I should be punished personally, one person action does not represent all tribes or my whole tribe should be defamed . Me and Nazrawi Abera are both innocent until proven guilty, so I apologize to those in my tribe that suffered any generalized assumption categorization of illegal action due to my ethnic affiliation. The government should make sure to confront those that are sending any defaming gestures during this time of grieving I am going through , due to the loss in my family and the worry about the imprisonment of my dear friend Nazrawi Abera.


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