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ሰሞኑን ስለ ደረሰው ጥቃት ከተጠቂዎች አንደበት-ሊያደምጡት የሚገባ


  1. ሀይ ኢትዮጵያ ሀገሬ! መጨረሻሽ እንድህ እንደሚሆን በስብሰባ የተናገርኩት በመለስ ዘናዊ ጊዜ/1997/አ,ም ሲሆን በዚህም ምክንያ እንጠላት ተቆጥሬ;አሰቃይተዉኝ ነበር::

  2. How long we can go this way?
    The security is deteriorating every day in all parts of Ethiopia; people are not treated as a citizen of that country. There are a lot of mafia groups and their leaders, for example, OPDO, OLF, TPLF…etc, who are assuming themselves as a representative and owners of language-based ethnic federalism so-called ‘KILELE’ and the people who live in it. These evil mentality groups and their top dog warlords are displacing, torturing and killing people simply because they are not speaking a specific language of the area like Oromigna, Tigrigna. The wickedness activity is mostly operated by the 2 extremist language speakers. The people of Ethiopia have been struggling and also paid a lot of sacrifices for the last 3 decays, but about a year ago the so-called OPDO lead EPRDF came in a different strategy to save themselves from the surname of people movement almost going on in all parts of Ethiopia, and the approach was to use words that considered by TPLF/EPRDF as a crime to say it, but it is in all Ethiopians heart; so mafia team Lemma Megersa used the word ‘ETHIOPIAWINET SUSE NEWE’ and another one by OPDO ethnic group leader Abeye used the name Ethiopia in many ways to fool the people because they know how thoughtful the words are for the Ethiopian people, and they managed to hijack the people struggle. Since then they are acting as if they are the owner of the struggle and controlling the whole situation by showing a kind of like a change but not a change and working very hard to replace the TPLF brutal tyranny (that was forced to run to ‘DEDEBITE’ Tigray by the people of Ethiopia) with the OROMO Midevial age type barbarians. These savages, who are lead by Abeye & Megersa are breeding themselves in 4 directions of Ethiopia including Addis Ababa. They have been killing, torturing and displacing people ( I hope you got a chance to hear and view the video of interviews with the people who are suffering the most) and the so-called Mafia Government that was lead by Abeye and Megersa is in their side to do all the mess we have seen up to this point because there was no action of attempting to stop other than doing nothing and give them a green light to do whatever we see every day.
    If you don’t want to deny it, that is obvious and we have seen it for almost a year. What is next? Are we going to sit there and let these thugs control us? As you see and hear them every day they want to have everything; there is no institution in the country that stands for the people and we can count on. Courthouse, Police, Army… you name it, all of these were under TPLF lead EPRDF before, and now they are all under OPDO. All the authorities in this so-called government organizations are replaced by OROMO language speaker barbarians. There have been a lot of displacement, killing, and terrorizing people in different parts of the country including inside and around Addis Ababa, but there was no criminal brought to justice by Abeye & Megersa lead Mafia group; instead, they are imprisoning the youth of Addis Ababa who are demanding their rights and also trying to intimidate ‘BALADERA MEKERBET’ which is lead by Eskender Nega and other courageous Addis Ababa youths, who are represented by the people of Addis Ababa. Every time Abeye and Megersa have faced challenges they came out not to apologize the people, but to deny what they are doing, and to blame back against those who stood up and challenge them like the ‘ADDIS ABABA BALADERA MIKERBETE’. Guys, we have to wake up and do something, instead of listening to empty hope from Abeye & Megersa. After all who are these individuals to give hope for the Ethiopia people; we all have to stand up and be united to make our hope a reality and succeed.

  3. Querro and OLF are not the culprits. The culprits are those Oromos that were living a life of crime in Somali region that got displaced from Somali region then placed in Adama only to get displaced again, they got displaced from Adama due to their criminal behaviour . Now they are traveling circus type of criminals that go everywhere within the country with their brutal crime spree.



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