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ኢትዮጲስ ጋዜጣ በዚህ እትም


– የከሚሴው ፍልሚያ
– የአንድ ዓመት አስተዳደርና ራዕይ (ፕ/ር ጌታቸው ሃይሌ)
– የብሄር ፌደራሊዝም እና የብሄር ፖለቲካ (ዶ/ር አክሎግ ቢራራ)
– የታከለ ኡማ “ተራ አክቲቪስቶች” ወግ (ክንፉ አሰፋ)
– የተከሰከሰው አውሮፕላን ሃላፊነት ጉዳይ (ዶ/ር ሼክስፒር ፈይሳ)


  1. Work for the full dissolution of EPRDF
    We have to stand up to remove the entire system that does not give service equally to the people of Ethiopia. As we all know and see things the ethnic Oromo group OPDO chairman Abeye Ahmed has been fooling us all this time with a phony change, while he is working for a rotation of power from TPLF lead EPRDF to OPDO lead EPRDF. Pretty match that is a shift of power from one supremacy to another. Nowadays unless we want to deny ourselves, the so-called Oromo mobs who are fully supported by OPDO lead/EPRDF government are out of control, and they are terrorizing the citizens in all parts of the country; for example, a recent meeting that was called by ‘BALADERA MIKEREBET’ in Addis Ababa was canceled because of the threat of well organized Oromo barbarians, who are backed by Abeye OPDO/EPRDF government. It is obvious that there is no real government in Ethiopia who stand for the citizens of the country; it is noticeable that the so-called government securities (Police and Army) are standing with these Oromo thugs, but not for the safety of the citizens. I hope you watched the evidence videos of what the people of northern Shewa region had said about it and also you have heard that the police didn’t want to do their job of protection citizens for the meeting that was called by ‘BALEADERA MIKIREBET’ repeatedly.
    It is a crucial time to organize and unite together to protect ourselves first and of course for our country existence. We need to stop to be fooled by Abeye new strategies everyday like changing and shuffleing people in his mafia adminstration or calling you to clean dirt from the streets of the cities, to gain back your trust again. Time is running out, we need to use it now not later because we all know what had happened during the time of TPLF/EPRDF, so if we don’t want that to happen again we need to act now and organize; when we unit together, we will be able to stop Oromo barbarians before they stand firm on the ground. So we need to work together with a coordinated way for a radical change to gain people power back to the people of Ethiopia. Our ultimate goal should be to end ethnic-based federalism and associated so-called ‘BEHERE BEHERSEBE’ Constitution, and mafia group EPRDF as a whole.



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