Home News and Views ሰሞነኛ ጥፋቶች፣ ሰሞነኛ ቅጣቶች |በእውቀቱ ስዩም |

ሰሞነኛ ጥፋቶች፣ ሰሞነኛ ቅጣቶች |በእውቀቱ ስዩም |


  1. The federal government of USA is in Ethiopians side , nomatter what the issue is in regards to the World Health Organization. ( W.H.O. ) since the USA’s Federal and local governments didn’t turn their backs on Ethiopians.

    It is a known fact that the majority of the Ethiopians owned small businesses in USA are restaurants .

    According to the new decision made by the Federal Government of USA and FEMA , the Ethiopian cuisine is chosen to be perfect food to fight the CoronaVirus’s underlying health issues ,the properly sealed and properly packed with low sodium and with low sugar nutritious Ethiopian food is set to be provided to the millions of homebound seniors in USA three times daily .

    The FEMA and the local state governments across USA are getting ready to purchase Ethiopian foods from Ethiopian restaurants to feed the homebound seniors in USA , so many Ethiopian restaurants businesses in USA will not need the federal stimulus loans since the nutritious low sodium low sugar Ethiopian cuisine from the Ethiopian restaurants are chosen to be delivered to the homebound seniors three times each day for the rest of the seniors lives all across USA.



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