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ጉግል ኩባንያ የጠየቀውን ይቅርታ ዶ/ር ትምኒት አልተቀበለችውም


  1. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many other form of data mining companies will come to a thunderous crash soon. The love affair for algorithm information will fade. Why do I say that? Let me explain: Year after Year we see new gadgets popping up in different formats: The main entity for my example is Smartphones. These useless gadgets have one thing in common they all want to mine data from the users with or without the users knowledge. That is their bread and butter. That is how they make their money. Humans are not thinking for themselves anymore. Instead preprogrammed algorithms do the thinking for them. No one remembers their parent’s phone numbers anymore. It is in the address book. No one attempts to remember and retain scientific facts and numerical details anymore. They relay on Google search Engine. The brain of human beings are turning into mush. Therefore, her firing maybe a blessing in disguise. As the famous author George Orwell said in his book ” 1984″; big brother is watching. Freedom is slavery and Slavery is Freedom. And the modern era we live in will be our undoing not from the coming 3rd world war confrontation between behemoth powers as some suggest. So to our sister, I say Cheer up. Life is short and can be lived and enjoyed outside the gadgetry world.


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