3:49 pm - Thursday October 23, 2014

Free Abortion Service - TPLF Clinic[ Berhanu Tesfaye]

I wish you a good day and happy christmas and would like to bring some issues of our Ethiopia that is brewing this time.

I am going to give a birds eye view what is fermmenting and try to forward my idea how to proceed to abort  the abortion schedule at TPLF clinic.

TPLF clinic is not hunam life seving clinic but a core area to abort democratic rule and bear revnge,dictatorship and hunam right abuses. The clinics major abortion motto relies on the slogan „ Procrastination is a theft of time“.This  statement is not just to  defame the evil deeds of TPLF but is to pull some strings from the past and show how they use it as an abortion clinic.

Since TPLF came to power with the barrel of the gun by unsitting the derg regime the following strategies were clearly seen.

  • Since a concrete strategy was not intact TPLF included all groups to take part in the transitional government to buy some time and this helped to hatch own bottled parties
  • TPLF was afraid of some parties organized during the 1994 election so they tried to blackmail prominent ones and get rid them
  • During the 2005 national election when they lose the electoral vote they put curfew and when it was a last resort they lied to negotiate and said we are ready to negotiate under the sun in any agenda till they set the regional governments intact and turned 180 degree after reginal governemnts we set and put all the prominent opposition leaders behind the bar
  • During the 2010 election they also brought half part of a document and tried to buy time by forwarding the election code of conduct as a prerequisite  that was a document to buy time. This document was endorsed by the parlaiment as a law above their own hand written constitution
  • For the 2013 woreda election they are trying to put the same conditions and we are allowing a lee way for this dictatorial butchers

So  we Ethiopians have to say enough is enough and have to fight the regime and once and for all to devise diffeent strategies to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to see the light at the end of the tunnel we have to have a three tier strategies and now is the time to act and it is only action that put off these blood sucker, corrupted  and  wicked ethnic dictators. As to my idea we have to launch a coordinate action on  three fronts

  • To put all resources available on the armed struggle that have started in the country. Mostly those who fled the country due to dictatorial situation in the country can play a big role here
  • To mobilize the people living in the country to continue their movement. Others to follow our Muslim brothers and other to  start the same move and bring both groups to stand for each other, that is Friday as usuall in the Mosques after prayers and Sundays in Churches and to add Saturdays as a joint action. This has to be systematically organized with elders and elites of the country
  • The opposition parties to align their strategies with the actions that are set above.

Here I want to empasize that the peaceful struggling opposition  (legal registered oppositions)  either to stand firm and move to support Ethiopians there or complety disclose their problems to the people and tell “ we cannot go further with such iron handed dictatorial rule  and we have to return back our leadersip to you so that you decide for youself“. The reason is that unless there is a level gound there it is just acting as lip service and leeway for the TPLF led corrupted regime.



God Bless Ethiopia



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