Dr Abiy Ahmed Speech at EPRDF Convention Hawasa


  1. First thing first……

    We are witnessing an attempt to build a new united, Democratic Ethiopia, and while the idea is truly great what makes this worthwhile effort unattainable is the fact that you can not build this on a country where there is a law in place that allows tribes to secede, “Article 39” , and you have in place the same liberation movements who were undermining the unity of Ethiopia still fomenting violence, and displacing people. You should not treat these criminals with kid gloves. There is ample evidence that such groups are continuing to undermine the government , and a drastic step has to be taken to dismantle such groups. These groups are still in force, at a time where the Ethiopian people are demanding unity, and are freely roaming around unchecked. Tribalism has no place in Ethiopian. The activity of TPLF members, and sympathizer should also be monitored to make sure they do not partake in any activity that undermines the government. Any terrorist act should be dealt swift and appropriate action You can not build a new building on an old decaying foundation. Allegiance should be to Ethiopia, and not to tribe. One Ethiopian flag…Green, Yellow and Red. Any other flag is to disrespect your fore fathers and mothers who died for your freedom and kept you free.
    Wake up people…end the nightmare of tribalism.



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