EHSNA to Commemorate the 123rd Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa.

Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA) will, for the eight consecutive time, commemorate the 123rd Anniversary of the Victory of the Battle of Adwa – regarded as “Ethiopia’s Symbol of Struggle for Freedom”. This anniversary will be celebrated on Sunday, March 3, 2019, from 1:00 – 6:00 pm., at the Silver Spring Civic Center, 1 Veteran Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910. This was a mementos history where a black African nation Ethiopia, for the first time defeated a European white nation. We have invited Dr. Dagnachew Assefa from Ethiopia among and other historians to this event to enlighten the audience on the decisive leadership of Emperor Menelik, nicknamed “The General” by many African leaders, and his right arm Empress Taitu.

The famous Ethiopian Artist Alemtsehay Wedajo and the team members of her Ethiopian Taitu Cultural & Educational Center will be there to entertain the audience with drama, music and dance.

The Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States Dr. Futsum Arega has been invited as the guest of honor for this year’s Adwa Celebration. Other guests invited include prominent Ethiopians in and around the District of Columbia, local government offices of Washington DC and Montgomery County, MD and elsewhere.

This year’s program will also include the historical Ethiopian flag raising program, poem reading, traditional Ethiopian music and dance, drama and more. Since this will be a family oriented program, once again, we encourage our guests to bring the entire family to the event.

Entrance fee $20. Free for children 12 and under. 


EHSNA – Public Relations Committee



  1. Dear EHSNA
    Commemoration by EHSNA of Ethiopia’s Adwa victory deserves to be appreciated. However, I wonder if it’s appropriate to ignore Italy’s vast war crimes 40 years later in which one million Ethiopians were massacred including 30,000 people were killed in Addis Ababa within only three days during February 19-21, 1937. Since both events are of immense importance to Ethiopians, wouldn’t it be appropriate to commemorate them separately or jointly?

    Submitted with due respect for your consideration.


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