EPRDF Congress Re-elects Abiy Ahmed as Chair, Demeke Mekonnen as Deputy Chair

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is re-elected as Chairman of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), winning 176 votes out of the total 177 secret ballots casted at the 11th congress of the front.

Accordingly, Dr. Abiy Ahmed will lead the ruling party and the nation as Prime Minister until the next congress of the front.

The ruling party has been holding it congress this week in Southern city of Hawassa. Some 2000 people are believed to have attended, 1000 of them voting members.

The 11th congress of the EPRDF also re-elected Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen as Deputy Chairperson of the front.

Demeke won 149 votes for the post while the Deberetsion Gebremichael won 15 votes for the same post out of 177 total ballots casted.

EPRDF’s Council has 180 members comprising of 45 members each from the four member parties that make up the ruling party: the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM), and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

No information was released why three voting members did not cast ballots.

The outcome has been expected as the ADP and ODP are in a strong alliance since the last time the party voted for a leader. The once dominant TPLF had its fortune decline during this time. It appears now out of step with the other three parties and increasingly irrelevant in Ethiopian politics.

Each of the member parties have been holding their respective general meetings in the last few weeks. The four parties went through various levels of reform and change of guiding philosphy as well as personnel, except perhaps the TPLF. Two of the member parties, ADP and ODP, changed names as well as their logo – signaling a stong break with the past.

Some observers are becoming concerned whether the ruling party will stand strong as the different member parties have come up with varying ideologies after Oromo and Amhara political parties changed their logo and names as well as shifted away from the revolutionary demcracy. The TPLF on the hand remains stuck with its platform of revolutionary democracy.


  1. First thing first……

    We are witnessing an attempt to build a new united, Democratic Ethiopia, and while the idea is truly great what makes this worthwhile effort unattainable is the fact that you can not build this on a country where there is a law in place that allows tribes to secede, “Article 39” , and you have in place the same liberation movements who were undermining the unity of Ethiopia still fomenting violence, and displacing people. You should not treat these criminals with kid gloves. There is ample evidence that such groups are continuing to undermine the government , and a drastic step has to be taken to dismantle such groups. These groups are still in force, at a time where the Ethiopian people are demanding unity, and are freely roaming around unchecked. Tribalism has no place in Ethiopian. The activity of TPLF members, and sympathizer should also be monitored to make sure they do not partake in any activity that undermines the government. Any terrorist act should be dealt swift with appropriate action You can not build a new building on an old decaying foundation. Allegiance should be to Ethiopia, and not to tribe. One Ethiopian flag…Green, Yellow and Red. Any other flag is to disrespect your fore fathers and mothers who died for your freedom and kept you free.
    Wake up people…end the nightmare of tribalism.


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