Eskinder Nega Speech Addis Ababa


  1. Why the autocrats are fooling us easily?
    First of all, When GOD created humans in this world, he creates all with equal freedom to live in it. Unfortunately, after a while, the evil part of a human character started to show the selfishness and loving only himself/herself, and wants to have everything and to control others. This kind of behavior created an absolute ruling mentality. So this kind of self-interested base people get together and form a system as a group; then this group of people creates a power to impose their idea on others. One thing we have to understand is some of the people who are following this group are stooges, who don’t really know what they are doing, but they are just instrumental for those who are leading them; that is why they are using them to enforce their agenda by using different kinds of inhuman activities. The act of the people who are willing to serve tyrants and take the life of another human and destroy the life of the majority who are not following them is complete evil exploitation to full fill their leader’s interest. To me, these kind of people are individuals who deny their own humanity. When you deny your individual GOD given liberty and pass it to others interest and being a tool of destruction against the mainstream, that will change a person to be inhuman and act like a beast. That is what we are seeing now in Ethiopia.
    We all have to believe that we came to this world as a human, not as an OROMO, TIGERE, AMHARA …etc. these names are given to us by those who want to divide and rule the people. As we all know these are just the name of the languages spoken in Ethiopia like Oromigna, Tigrigna, Amaringna…etc., but for them to divide us they convert the name of the language as a different kind of tribe and make us adopt it to differentiate our selves, and easily usable ourselves for tyrants. Yes, this tribal name has been there for quite a while since we were accepted it and make ourselves comfortable for our rulers for so long. Nobody can deny that a newborn infant cannot speak any language other than being a human. So language comes after humanity, and any humans can adopt a language and culture of his/her surrounding; which means language or culture shouldn’t bee the identity of any person because you can speak any language or have any culture based on where you grew up.
    Having said that, when the two CON MEN ABEYE AHMED & LEMA MEGERSA first came to fool the Ethiopian people by talking Ethiopianism, I saw many of you are jumping up and down and clapping for them inside Ethiopia and abroad, as if that they are different humans who are capable of doing anything. The fact was these CON MEN have a mission of changing Tigrea dictatorship by Oromo repression regime, and to get there they have to fool you all until they make sure that they stand fully on the ground. How come you are expecting your freedom from CON MEN ABEYE or LEMA while you are a human being yourself? That was my question since then, and I hope you have learned now by the consequences you have seen in your eyes for the last 10 or 11 months. I don’t want to get into details of what these 2 CON Men have done and still doing when we speak right now. One thing I wanted to ask is when do we learn how to stand up for our GOD given birthright? I thought the Ethiopian people have learned from the last 4 decayed ruthless activity, but back to the drawing board again for another one. Actually, from what I see, this one is even more brutal, and barbarian because you have seen them in your eyes what they have done in and around Addis Ababa, just one example BUREAYU.
    I can’t tell you the solution because the solution is in everyone’s hand because nobody struggles for the freedom of others unless we all stand up together to own it. You have to stop being a follower and start to stand up for your own liberty with others. I can see a good start by the initiative of Eskender Nega in Addis Ababa, but one thing you have to understand is we all have to stand up if we really want to bring back our GOD given birthright because a few people can initiate, but not bring a permanent change unless we all participated in it. If we don’t act together, as usual, those who said no for tyrants all the time will pay the price without any change. What I want to say is for a permanent radical change we all need to stand up and say enough is enough, and then we will throw autocracy to its grave to create a free and prosperous Ethiopia for all citizens who live in that country.



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