Ethiopia has highest number of internally displaced people in 2018

1.4 million Ethiopians fled their homes this year, while 1.2 million Syrians left their homes 


  1. First thing first.
    It is so alarming that Ethiopian leaders are telling Ethiopians to “Tedemeru” while a good many Ethiopians in Humera, Setit, Raya, and many other communities are forcefully anexed by Tegrai, and others are forced to leave their homes because they supposedly do not belong in parts of Ethiopia. The “Demera” should only be after the wrongs done to victims of such displacement, and annexation are fully addressed. By the way what is being done about the numerous individuals who had committed major crimes, and stolen Billions of dollars. So far we do not see any major steps being taken to bring these people to justice. Many actually have been given other position in the government (Ambassadorship) and many are either hiding their loots or moving their stolen wealth out of the country. Talk is cheap. Less of empty feel good talk, and more of real action. It is rather sad the leaders (EPRDF) are talking about forgiveness with 1.4 million Ethiopian displaced . As the saying goes “something is rotten in Denmark “. Action is required now to remedy this problem.


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