Ethiopia’s PM hailed by Foreign Policy as a Global Thinker

|AfricanNews| Ethiopia’s reformist prime minister, Abiy Ahmed has been hailed by the renown Foreign Policy magazine as one of the Global Thinkers that emerged over the past 12 months.

Abiy, who took office in April last year, has implemented several reforms across the political, economic, diplomatic and social spheres.

Over the last nine months, the 42-year-old premier has ended a decades old conflict with neighbouring Eritrea, opened up the political and democratic space and pledged to liberalise the previously state controlled economy.

What FP said about Abiy

Lauren Tamaki illustration for Foreign Policy

In less than a year in office, Abiy Ahmed has already made history in Ethiopia by forging peace with its neighbor Eritrea. The move reunited families and reopened long-dormant trade networks. Now Abiy is focused on healing Ethiopia’s own divisions, and his status as the country’s first leader from the restive Oromia region has given many of his constituents hope that he’ll succeed.


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