Never Trust Volunteer Slaves! [Belayneh Abate]


It is perplexing to watch people seeing a glitter of hope  on the volunteer slaves that made speech at their annual party conferences in Bahir-Dar and Jimma  in September, 2018.  Most of the speakers were the same slaves that served Legesse Zenawi’s gang group, which in turn was a loyal slave of the West and East.

Unlike the previous years,  the volunteer slaves  pretended as if they stand on their own spines. The shameless slaves acted as if they emancipated themselves from the bondage of slavery. These slaves forgot that they  murdered and tortured  patriots that emancipated them. The  slaves failed to admit that they were emancipated by the martyrs they slaughtered.

Forgetting what these slaves did, many people are seduced by the slaves’ rhetoric  and pretensions behind podiums.  It appears that  people have forgotten how Legesse Zenawi’s gang group selected theses slaves in order to establish its rule at the graves of Chauvinists and Neftegnas.  Legesse Zenawi’s gang group never assigned slaves that would question the atrocities and treasons  the group committed.  As the world knows, this group made the country land- locked, granted land to Sudan,  promoted endless ethnic conflicts,  massacred people, tortured and sterilized innocents. This gang group executed these atrocities and treasons after designing and building effective weapons. These effective weapons were the slaves who now are pretending as emancipators and heroes.

Watch out people! To trust these slaves is to trust Yihuda. Yihuda served Satan betraying Christos that groomed him as disciple.  Similarly, these slaves served Legesses’s gang group betraying the people that cultivated them from cradle to adulthood.  Perhaps Yihuda was a better traitor than these slaves. Yihuda never hammered  nails to Christos’s extremities nor did he tie rope around his neck to gratify Satan. But these slaves shot bullets and bombs to their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to please their masters. Yihuda regretted and committed suicide, but these slaves showed no remorse and placed themselves into seclusions. Instead, these slaves are regrouping themselves to stay on their benches for the coming decades.

Wake up people! Refrain from fastening ropes around your necks! These slaves will never stand on their spines and protect you from the gangs that continue to rob your wealth and lives. The gangs did not force these slaves to sit  on the benches of slaves: The slaves volunteered to serve as slaves. These volunteer slaves may talk as free men today at the expense of the martyrs they murdered yesterday. However, no doubt they will lean back to their slave benches if the road ahead gets rougher. Volunteer slaves tend to become slaves again and again no matter how many times you emancipate them.  Therefore, never trust volunteer slaves! Remove  volunteer slaves and  replace them with your patriots. Thank you.

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  1. First thing first……

    We are witnessing an attempt to build a new united, Democratic Ethiopia, and while the idea is truly great what makes this worthwhile effort unattainable is the fact that you can not build this on a country where there is a law in place that allows tribes to secede, “Article 39” , and you have in place the same liberation movements who were undermining the unity of Ethiopia still fomenting violence, and displacing people. You should not treat these criminals with kid gloves. There is ample evidence that such groups are continuing to undermine the government , and a drastic step has to be taken to dismantle such groups. These groups are still in force, at a time where the Ethiopian people are demanding unity, and are freely roaming around unchecked. Tribalism has no place in Ethiopian. The activity of TPLF members, and sympathizer should also be monitored to make sure they do not partake in any activity that undermines the government. Any terrorist act should be dealt swift and appropriate action You can not build a new building on an old decaying foundation. Allegiance should be to Ethiopia, and not to tribe. One Ethiopian flag…Green, Yellow and Red. Any other flag is to disrespect your fore fathers and mothers who died for your freedom and kept you free.
    Wake up people…end the nightmare of tribalism.


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