OMN Insight: Discussion with Amb. Herman Cohen on Current Affairs in Ethiopia


  1. You guys the enemies from within and the power mongers run around looking for Herman Chon, who is the worst enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, who swears to wipe out Ethiopia from the map of the world. He trained Meles Zenawi and Issayas Afeworki and gave them millions of dollars while they were fighting Mengistu Hailemariam’s dictatorship and provided a high tech logistic military support to defeat and overthrow the dictatorship of Mengistu Hailemariam. Issayas and Meles were specifically instructed and trained by CIA and NSA under the direct supervision of the ZIONIST Herman Chon and in the back stage of the all out war against the ancient land of Ethiopia was Henry Kissinger the well Known ZIONIST around the world.
    Meles and Issayas were trained to fracture Ethiopia once and far all by using ethnicity and have them hate each other, especially against the Amharas to be the underdogs, because of their staunch believe that a united ETHIOPIA or death.
    Get this Herman Chon ZIONIST Ethiopian hater out off Ethiopian affair, now and then he has been on another mission, which is to steal and smuggle out religious artifacts to authenticate the ZIONISTICALLY ruled Israel, they even stole and smuggled out of Ethiopia unique Ethiopian donkeys using a military cargo aircraft, thought to be a unique donkey in which God rode on.
    This is how the ZIONISTS are so desperate to authenticate themselves, the fact is they are not the Israelites and they know it, Herman Cohn is one of the notorious ZIONIST who is stalling, looting, smuggling the Ethiopian priceless religious and all artifacts out of Ethiopia as well as stealing the Ethiopian identity to make Israel which it is not.

    May GOD bless ETHIOPIA, the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE and may GOD give the strength to our new prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to lead our country to peacefulness, prosperity love and togetherness.


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