“our goal should be DEMOCRACY”/Anduwalem Arage /


  1. The Constitution need to be abolished.

    The early 1990s parliament student movement ex EPRP and ex MEISON , taxi drivers of the USA, back then known as team Assefa Biru didn’t even read the Constitution when they approved it. They were just happy the red terrorist Derg was out so they blindly heard the then early 1990s political guru, the now drunk bipolar nut Professor Andreas Eshete and the then chairman of election board Assefa Biru who told them to support the constitution.

    Now Ethiopia should restrict the deceptive marketing of the addictive opioids in Ethiopia, just so we don’t loose our children to opioid addiction as we lost Ethiopian farm lands to fertilizer addiction due to this constitution.

    The farm lands of Ethiopia are addicted to fertilizers, they don’t produce as before the TPLF constitution came out . The constitution declared all Ethiopian lands are owned by the government and ordered all lands to use addictive fertilizers. Now farm lands are under full control of the fertilizer companies which the late PM Meles Zenawi was receiving bribes from.
    For an instance Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical company need to get banned from having any advertisement in Ethiopia since Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical is accused of deceptively marketing opioids causing displacements , death and destruction.



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