Status Quo Not Acceptable, Egypt Foreign Minister Warns Ethiopia

April 20, 2018 – Egypt’s foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry, warned Ethiopia that the status quo is not acceptable and that Egypt will defend its interests by several means, according to the Washington Post. He did not elaborate what that means.

The foreign ministers of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia met in Khartoum this month but talks ended with no deal on the lingering dispute of access to the Nile’s waters. Egypt has called for another meeting in Cairo.

Egypt has several reservations on the construction and filling of the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is completing, claiming it will drastically impact its share of the Nile’s waters.

Ethiopia and Sudan insist that the dam is beneficial to all sides, including Egypt as well.


  1. Egypt ……..Egypt, you are full of hot air, and you talk to much garbage, you are showing to the world who you are, that is you are immature, childish backward, grow up then you can talk to the civilized Ethiopians. your inferiority complex is killing you, go talk to your colonial masters, they may be able to give you some descent advice for your own good, other than your fake history of , the ancient history that you are bragging about belongs to the ancient GREAT NUBIAN history which are the indigenous Egyptians, who built the Pyramids along with the GREAT PEOPLE OF ancient ETHIOPIANS and SUDAN. You are by far delusional.

  2. Egypt never has any plane to accept any agreement it wants the dame to sell electricity to Europe. it is all about Egypt and Ethiopia must tell Egypt stop blabing, accept it or leave it.let the future tell the outcome. Egypt enough is enough Ethiopian dam will built whether you like it or not and it will be defended by our blood. Egypt may god give you mercy when your end come’s.


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