The Burden of Freedom [By Kidus Anteneh]

Who wants to be Free?

Freedom comes with a cost as many will find interest in oppressing you and perhaps using you as a tool or modern slave.

Life is very short and all men want to be Free, yet most don’t understand the meaning of the word or the feeling they attribute to it. Freedom has been a controversial topic in all sciences and will be until the end of time, but those who understand what it means to be Free, will thrive and suffer for generations.

Freedom is a way of life and it involves making a choice every second of your life. Would you lie to make an extra buck? Would you tithe to help the needy? Would you choose money over love? It is important to note that you are able to make these choices because you have the right to choose. For example, you can choose between tithing or not, choose between believing or not. However, it is not because you have the right to choose that you are Free. You are on the path to Freedom if you choose correctly. For example, if you choose to love others and help the needy, you are on the path to Freedom because you made a morally correct choice. If you choose to love and believe in God, you are on the path to Freedom because you have chosen to act according to the laws of morality, which are written in the Bible, Quran, the religion you practice, or those which you have come to learn through life experience, such as honesty for example.

Ethiopia has now a new prime minister who has shaded light onto the youth and onto all Ethiopians and Africans. He was able to promote the sense of Identity that united all Ethiopians, and is sought by all men; Freedom. He made Ethiopians happy by giving them the right to speak as they want and the right to think as they want. Many Ethiopians say; “we feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders”. This is a great time in the History of Ethiopia because we now have the right to express our opinions and emotions freely. However, this does not mean we are Free; we might be free from oppression, free from a long lasting discriminating system, free from second citizenship in our own nation. What most people would do in this situation is to forget about the oppression they faced, take their freedom for granted and sing about their “Freedom”. Yes we should rejoice, but we should not take our rights for granted or confuse them with Freedom, for they are only one step towards Freedom.

Behold for this weight has been lifted up from your shoulders by Him, who you prayed and He whom you gave your nation to, He who has seen you suffer from oppression. And thus, this gift from God shall not be taken for granted, or forgotten, for this will cost us years and years of more oppression, until we understand the value and meaning of Freedom.

The value you give to Freedom is not in relation to the amount of oppression you faced, but to the amount of lessons you took from the time of your oppression. Facing oppression is the hard way one learns the value of Freedom, and thus is not necessary for one to truly apprehend the value of Freedom. However, if one can only understand his possessions after a loss, a loss shall occur and he shall then value his possessions.The same applies to Freedom, for one can only be on the path to Freedom if he knows what Freedom means.

Freedom starts when one loves his God with all his mind, with all his heart and with all his soul. And it prevails as he continues onto loving others as much as he loves himself. Slavery and oppression are one of the most effective tools to make people strive for the tastes of the fruits of Freedom, and make people eager on paying the price to attain such a goal. But it is not because there is an independence treaty signed or you have freedom of speech that you are Free. Surely, the later give you more rights as a human and citizen of a nation, but to continue your path to Freedom and continue enjoying its fruits, you must amplify your faith and love for your God and others.

We have failed the first test.

On August 6th 2018, our brothers in the Somali region of Ethiopia were attacked, their women raped and their identity questioned. Are they not Ethiopian? Did they not fight against the oppression we had faced? Should they not be protected by their brothers and the federal government as much as any other citizen? Why did the media put less effort on depicting this story than those which occurred in the Amhara or Oromo regions? Behold for we have proven not to love our brothers and sisters as much as we love ourselves. Behold for we have failed the first test and have upset the Lord whom we pledged for Freedom and whom has delivered very quickly.

If one fails to love his brother, and choses to put him on fire, he shall face fire on himself and his children.

God has chosen to love us and thus is willing to teach us the value of Freedom and help us through our path to Freedom. However, if the oppression we faced was not enough for us to understand the value and meaning of Freedom, we shall face more oppression, lose the rights He gave us and behold for He can put us under four hundred years of years of slavery if that is what it takes for us to understand the value of Freedom.


By Kidus Anteneh



  1. Do people realy know what they want

    As you know TPLF and other three puppet alliance who are created by this mafia group have done a magnificent of crime against humanity in Ethiopia for the last 27 years and still doing it. We have seen and heard a lot of severe torturing, killing, displacement and other terrible crimes, and a few people have not tolerated these ruthless activities anymore and came out with a courage to stand up against it. Especially for the last 3- 4 years, there were a lot of protests in every part of the country, and a lot of people paid the ultimate price for their own GOD given freedom. When God created us we are all given his blessing with equal freedom to live in this world, but a few people who are created as a group taken away our freedom from us and we are simply do nothing and accept their brutality except a few courageous fellows, who said NO for these criminals. When the Mafia group sees all the massive protests against their cruel crime, and understand that they are not going to rule the way what they have been doing for the last 27 years, and they had to come up with a different strategy.
    It was obvious that TPLF was dominant all these years and the others are just puppets in their role, but now the tsunami of people struggle came after them, so they have to stand up to save themselves and TPLF as well because these mafia groups know that they are all responsible for all crimes that had happened for the last 27 years. So the only way to solve this issue is to share the power equally between TPLF and the others as a partner; now they started inside struggle with each other to find a way to change most of the power figures with the other group. As we all know not with its puppet groups, TPLF also never had trust between its own criminal circle, but it seems like the others, who decided to save themselves and TPLF tried to explain to TPLF behind the closed door and continued to show for the people of Ethiopia as if like they are working on a new change, and Group Lema came out as a winner because they have also wanted to act like they are a part of the protesters in their area and easily bought the people’s trust in their area.
    The next phase was to act like they were also a part of the national movement, so they had created a drama with their partner in Baherdar and they went to Baherdar to show their fake solidarity between that part of the country. During all this time there was a lot of protest from the people in all parts of the country, and there was also torturing and killing by the mafia groups every day. When the people’s struggle becomes harder and harder they started a backdoor meeting between themselves that took time more than 2 weeks, and they told us they chose a new Prime Minister.
    One of the first things to attract the people’s heart was to release a few well known political prisoners, and they have done that and they saw that people’s are intoxicated with happiness, and they continued to do that for quite some time, releasing a few hundred here and there. Now they knew that they are getting people’s attention easily. That was the time their representative and leader Abeye came out and started talking about Ethiopianism that have never talked for the last 27 years, and have never imagined to hear it from a mafia group. Unfortunately, people bought Abye’s fake speech as serious and started following him as a leader. In all these time, actually up to this point there is no practical thing other than the usual storytelling empty dream. The reality is the displacement of the number of people has been more than ever and people’s are dying in every part of the country every day. As a matter of fact, the brutality is increasing, churches are burned down, priests are burned to death, and so on.
    This is a good opportunity for the people to wake up and get out of fake Abey’s dream, and stand up for their own God-given freedom. Abey told you so many times on different platforms that his main agenda is to let his criminal group a free ride with no accountability for all the crimes that have been going on and still happening. If you have ears to hear and mind to think you have heard his answers so many times that he stands for his collection criminal group, and his main idea is to rule you with his criminal group for the next how many years, you figure it out. He also mentioned to you they will change the top criminal figure on every 2 terms.
    There is one reality in the last forty-something years. Since the 1966 EC, the majority is always wrong. Because from my experience the so-called majority never stood up for their own God-given freedom; they are always hiding in the shield, and every time there is a struggle there are only a few people are participating in it, and unfortunately that struggle hijacked by a criminal group. So during this time, when the struggle is diverted by a certain group, and when that group shows a fake loyalty to the people that was the time the so-called majority came out of their shield and clap their hands for temporary happiness and longtime exploitation and brutality.
    The experience we have seen in Ethiopia is endless, and I am not here to tell you everything, if you want to act as a human being act that way otherwise if a person identifies himself/herself by the language he/she speaks that is very dangerous. Actually, God creates a human race that is Humanity. So those of you who are intoxicated with language-based ethnicity ideology, you need to talk to yourself and find the answer; try to find the answer as one human fellow. Ask yourself who you are? How you came up to this world? What kind of treatment do you want? If you identify yourself by the language you are speaking that is very wrong because you need to think that if you born in any part of the world you can speak the language that has spoken in that area and society, and that is just to help you communicate with others to express your feeling and it doesn’t mean that change your human identity. So always believe in yourself that you are created by God as a human being and also remember, everything you desire and want to have for yourself is also the desire and needs of other humans as well. So when you think about your dignity, always think as a human not as a language ethnicity group member because God created this world for all of us, so you don’t have a border you can say that belongs to you.
    By the way what I tried to talk about is a reality unless anyone wants to deny it. I heard the Mafia group leader Abeye told you that don’t listen to anything negative because the only time that thing gates alive and move forward is when you start to listen to it. Actually for criminals, yes, the reality is negative because they want to continue fooling and exploiting people. So it is up to you to decide; to me, all I said is what is going on in real Ethiopia.

    We need God’s forgiveness to get out of the mess we are in; so pray to God to forgive our sine and punish the criminals who are living happily by the suffering and dying of people.

    So Long!


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