The Untold Story Of Ethiopian Victims Of A Dutch Sugar Factory HVA’s Wastage , How Many Today?

The following video is from a conference in Europe organised by former victims of the chemical wastage of a Dutch sugar factory in Ethiopia, HVA three years ago. The information attached with the footage reads:

A Dutch international company called, Handels vereniging Amsterdam, HVA, established its three sugar plantations and factories in Ethiopia, in 1954, 1960 and 1968. In 1974, two years after the Marxist military regime of Ethiopia came to power, all Have’s property is nationalized.
According to the accusation of environmental activists and representatives of victims of fluoride and Asbestos of Wonji, Metehara and Showa local employees, HVA International violated the economic, social, health and cultural rights of its local employees by holding the necessary information.  Aalmaz, Mequanint a former residence of Wonji and representative of victims of local employees, their children and great children, is challenging the HVA and Dutch government for the damage that caused life of hundreds, economical and social crises.

However, now that there are many multinational companies from Asia, Europe and the US, operating in Ethiopia, how carefully is the environmental, human and health impact of their investment and their wastage audited?

The following video raises an alarm.


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